El Blogo Muvo

May 25, 2009

Hey guys the The Five Jays has a new and improved site. Go to http://www.fivejays.squarespace.com and check it out. All of the post on this page are going to be available at the new site, but currently not all of my links are working. I am in the process of getting everything in order. I plan on posting something daily so update your RSS feeds and check in regularly.


CPS I Need to Report an Incident.

April 24, 2009

The only thing better than jumping off the 7 foot section of roof is jumping off of the 12 ft section.  Isn’t it amazing what $5 can buy these days. I love kids!

O No He didn’t!

April 22, 2009

If your son has to get something off of the roof you might as well do something to scare grandparents, and put it on YouTube.

I had to add the music, because the camera lady was talking on the phone in a LOUD VOICE.

Jaxson the Legislator

April 11, 2009

Our poor son was being dragged along on a shopping spree the other day when he told his mom “I think they need to make a law that you can’t go into a store unless you are going to buy something.”

I agree with him. I have painful memories of my mother and sisters trying on mountains of clothes while I was left to languish in my boredom. After these marathon try-on sessions they usually bought about 2 things. I was so thankful when I was old enough to stay by myself at home or go to the bookstore.

Little does Jaxson know that his mama thinks that there is a real law like the one he mentioned.

Work Jail

March 23, 2009

Hello all,

I just got off of an eleven day stretch in Fullerton prison. (my second one in a row) I do not know if there will be a third 11 day term, but I do not doubt it. Please continue to pray for us during this difficult time of overtime, two houses, and going to college (online). Below are some pictures of my second home. Keep touching base with us and have a great day.

I know mom told me not to eat it but it sure looks good.

March 1, 2009

This picture is from our visit to Atlanta in 2003. The boy’s favorite and only word was “ball” and his favorite snack was dog food. In the picture you can see that he put the ball in the dog food. This was done after he was told to stay out of it. He could barley walk and he was already skilled in getting around the rules.

Where have I been?

March 1, 2009

Hello all! You might not have noticed, but it has been a while since I have posted any new content.  I am in a Web Design class, and have been working on a website for the family, and it has been hard to do anything but survive. We just hosted and taught at Disciple Now and I am currently on an 11 day stretch at work (night shift no less). Please keep us in your prayers. I recently interviewd for another position in the company. The position is comes with a company vehicle and works 4 10 hour days.  I apologize for the blog neglect.

What a co ink e dink

February 14, 2009

100MSD-DSC09562_DSC09562.JPG, originally uploaded by The fabulous J’s.

When Jen and I were just a one child couple we went to visit Kristy and Billy in Fort Meyers, FL. While on the trip I surprised Jennifer with a dinner cruise. The cruise was on a little yacht and they served a really good buffet style dinner while the captain cruised the coastline.
The romantic mood was tainted a little when we found out we had to sit at the same table as strangers, but Jen and I made the most of it. The couple we sat with was a very sweet couple from NYC. They were holding over in Fort Meyers, because their cruise ship was delayed. While they waited they decided to go on the dinner cruise.
We talked with them over dinner and toward the end of the evening I was sitting in the cabin with the man while Jen and his wife talked out on deck. As I was visiting Jen comes in and tells the man “Your wife told me to tell you the man on the deck knows the guy from the lawsuit.” The man gets a concerned look on his face and goes to the deck where his wife is leaving Jen and me alone and perplexed.
After the tears died down and we all set down again. The lady told us the story. The prior year a police officer came to their house because one of the neighbors had complained or something. Well the lady said something to make him mad and shuts the door. The officer opens the door forcefully, knocks her down, and roughs her up a little while he handcuffs her. The encounter injured her arm and the cop ended up getting fired on a police brutality charge. She sues the city and wins some moolah and ends up in Fort Meyers, FL waiting on a cruise ship to arrive in Miami.

While Jen and her are on the deck talking they strike up a conversation with another couple from New York. The guy asks if she knows “insert brutal cop’s name here” and Jen says she turns as white as a ghost. After the initial shock words were exchanged, because Mr. police brutality is this dude’s best friend and best friends are obligated to defend each other.

Well calmer heads prevailed, it ended peacefully, and we got dinner and a show for Jen’s big day.

Computer Freeeeedom! Well sort of.

February 11, 2009

I am back in the blogging business after a small hiatus. I am still recovering from the Lasik surgery on Friday. Our appointment was for 12:00 that day and we expected to be out by 3:00, rest for a few hours and go to a movie. How naive we were. One of the first things we were told is not to watch tv or get on the computer which eliminated 90% of what I had planned that evening . They also said that the women in the group could not wear make up for a week. One lady there was seriously considering backing out for that reason. Gabriel was upset too, but he figured he could make a sacrifice. So after we get prepped for the procedure we are all waiting in the recovery room and the nurse comes in and says that the Dr. is delayed at the hospital and he will call when he is on the way. It turned out that some selfish person got in a wreck and needed emergency eye surgery and the Dr. let them cut in line. So he was delayed for 7 HOURS while we sat and waited. We finished the process at 7:30 pm. Thank goodness I take a book everywhere I go (except the bathroom).

While we were in the waiting room I made the comment that the person in the car wreck sure was selfish to do it on the day we had scheduled our procedure and three people almost swallowed their tongues gasping. After the initial shock they realized I was kidding. Also, while we were waiting one of the men in the recovery room with us fell asleep and started snoring. Not quietly either. It was a cacophony of snorts, wheezes, and squeaks with a little apnea mixed in. The funniest part was watching the guy next to him try not to bust out laughing which he failed to do. All 12 people in the room were laughing our loud when he finally broke, Except me. Sleep apnea is not a laughing matter. It is dangerous and not to be taken lightly. The most ironic part was the guy in front of me and Gabriel owned a sleep clinic. Gabriel and I both skipped our naps after the snoring incident, because we didn’t want to put on a mini snore concert.

My eyes are on the mend. For the first time in a while they are not bloodshot and I don’t feel like I  have dirt clods in my eyes. I am still a sensitive to light and am wearing the hip glasses they gave me as I write this. If you have never seen Lasik check out the link below.

Ojos nuevos!!

February 6, 2009

Well we are settled in the hotel and I am ready for new laser made peepers tomorrow. We ate at PF Changs tonight and it was awesome. It is weird not having our little leeches around. Being a daddy leech is fun and it is funny how long it takes for you to start missing the little buggers. Please keep us in your prayers. I will post pictures of the trip tomorrow. ( Friday)

P.S. While I am out of town I am going to need someone to do my homework. Thanks.