Ojos nuevos!!

Well we are settled in the hotel and I am ready for new laser made peepers tomorrow. We ate at PF Changs tonight and it was awesome. It is weird not having our little leeches around. Being a daddy leech is fun and it is funny how long it takes for you to start missing the little buggers. Please keep us in your prayers. I will post pictures of the trip tomorrow. ( Friday)

P.S. While I am out of town I am going to need someone to do my homework. Thanks.


3 Responses to “Ojos nuevos!!”

  1. Antigone Says:

    Both of you guys are in my prayers. It will work great and you will be able to see all the stray hairs now while in the shower. You’re gonna love it!

    I totally miss you guys already but am siked that you are having fun. Don’t forget to eat Banana Leaf on Plano Parkway and let Jenn spend just a little at Sam Moon.


  2. Crystal Says:

    I’ll be prayin for ya!

  3. susan stell Says:

    As one who has had the surgery, I say you are going to love it. It’s nice not to walk into walls and actually see people not blurred spots.

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