Computer Freeeeedom! Well sort of.

I am back in the blogging business after a small hiatus. I am still recovering from the Lasik surgery on Friday. Our appointment was for 12:00 that day and we expected to be out by 3:00, rest for a few hours and go to a movie. How naive we were. One of the first things we were told is not to watch tv or get on the computer which eliminated 90% of what I had planned that evening . They also said that the women in the group could not wear make up for a week. One lady there was seriously considering backing out for that reason. Gabriel was upset too, but he figured he could make a sacrifice. So after we get prepped for the procedure we are all waiting in the recovery room and the nurse comes in and says that the Dr. is delayed at the hospital and he will call when he is on the way. It turned out that some selfish person got in a wreck and needed emergency eye surgery and the Dr. let them cut in line. So he was delayed for 7 HOURS while we sat and waited. We finished the process at 7:30 pm. Thank goodness I take a book everywhere I go (except the bathroom).

While we were in the waiting room I made the comment that the person in the car wreck sure was selfish to do it on the day we had scheduled our procedure and three people almost swallowed their tongues gasping. After the initial shock they realized I was kidding. Also, while we were waiting one of the men in the recovery room with us fell asleep and started snoring. Not quietly either. It was a cacophony of snorts, wheezes, and squeaks with a little apnea mixed in. The funniest part was watching the guy next to him try not to bust out laughing which he failed to do. All 12 people in the room were laughing our loud when he finally broke, Except me. Sleep apnea is not a laughing matter. It is dangerous and not to be taken lightly. The most ironic part was the guy in front of me and Gabriel owned a sleep clinic. Gabriel and I both skipped our naps after the snoring incident, because we didn’t want to put on a mini snore concert.

My eyes are on the mend. For the first time in a while they are not bloodshot and I don’t feel like I  have dirt clods in my eyes. I am still a sensitive to light and am wearing the hip glasses they gave me as I write this. If you have never seen Lasik check out the link below.


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