What a co ink e dink

100MSD-DSC09562_DSC09562.JPG, originally uploaded by The fabulous J’s.

When Jen and I were just a one child couple we went to visit Kristy and Billy in Fort Meyers, FL. While on the trip I surprised Jennifer with a dinner cruise. The cruise was on a little yacht and they served a really good buffet style dinner while the captain cruised the coastline.
The romantic mood was tainted a little when we found out we had to sit at the same table as strangers, but Jen and I made the most of it. The couple we sat with was a very sweet couple from NYC. They were holding over in Fort Meyers, because their cruise ship was delayed. While they waited they decided to go on the dinner cruise.
We talked with them over dinner and toward the end of the evening I was sitting in the cabin with the man while Jen and his wife talked out on deck. As I was visiting Jen comes in and tells the man “Your wife told me to tell you the man on the deck knows the guy from the lawsuit.” The man gets a concerned look on his face and goes to the deck where his wife is leaving Jen and me alone and perplexed.
After the tears died down and we all set down again. The lady told us the story. The prior year a police officer came to their house because one of the neighbors had complained or something. Well the lady said something to make him mad and shuts the door. The officer opens the door forcefully, knocks her down, and roughs her up a little while he handcuffs her. The encounter injured her arm and the cop ended up getting fired on a police brutality charge. She sues the city and wins some moolah and ends up in Fort Meyers, FL waiting on a cruise ship to arrive in Miami.

While Jen and her are on the deck talking they strike up a conversation with another couple from New York. The guy asks if she knows “insert brutal cop’s name here” and Jen says she turns as white as a ghost. After the initial shock words were exchanged, because Mr. police brutality is this dude’s best friend and best friends are obligated to defend each other.

Well calmer heads prevailed, it ended peacefully, and we got dinner and a show for Jen’s big day.


2 Responses to “What a co ink e dink”

  1. elena Says:

    interesting story – what a small world. i love the photo of you guys!

  2. Yulie Says:

    ummm…. what Elena said

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