Work Jail

Hello all,

I just got off of an eleven day stretch in Fullerton prison. (my second one in a row) I do not know if there will be a third 11 day term, but I do not doubt it. Please continue to pray for us during this difficult time of overtime, two houses, and going to college (online). Below are some pictures of my second home. Keep touching base with us and have a great day.


4 Responses to “Work Jail”

  1. elena Says:

    you have been working very hard, for a very long time. i think all of us will be so thrilled for you when you and your family get more time together. : )

  2. Antigone Says:

    Sheesh! I’m ready for you to have a couple of days off too! lol! But I DO enjoy spending money, I mean, time with your wife.

  3. Yulie Says:

    I three am ready for you to have some time off! It helps me to not fear your wife so much…I KID I KID! but really, lol!

    Know I’m praying for you guys.

  4. Robby Says:

    Come easy money, all this work talk makes me laugh. you get to do homework and cookout, sounds like hard work. ok night stink but bad often comes with good.

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