Jaxson the Legislator

Our poor son was being dragged along on a shopping spree the other day when he told his mom “I think they need to make a law that you can’t go into a store unless you are going to buy something.”

I agree with him. I have painful memories of my mother and sisters trying on mountains of clothes while I was left to languish in my boredom. After these marathon try-on sessions they usually bought about 2 things. I was so thankful when I was old enough to stay by myself at home or go to the bookstore.

Little does Jaxson know that his mama thinks that there is a real law like the one he mentioned.


2 Responses to “Jaxson the Legislator”

  1. Antigone Says:

    See, the problem is not a law governing that you must buy something when you go into a store… the problem is going into a store for ONE thing and coming out with a receipt total of $131.86. Thanks, Walmart!

  2. Yulie Says:

    hahahaha! Antigone totally said it! Jenn told me she was really thirsty the other day when she went to Walmart, and she walked out with at least 10 bottles of juice. But i also agree with Jax!

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