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Jaxson the Legislator

April 11, 2009

Our poor son was being dragged along on a shopping spree the other day when he told his mom “I think they need to make a law that you can’t go into a store unless you are going to buy something.”

I agree with him. I have painful memories of my mother and sisters trying on mountains of clothes while I was left to languish in my boredom. After these marathon try-on sessions they usually bought about 2 things. I was so thankful when I was old enough to stay by myself at home or go to the bookstore.

Little does Jaxson know that his mama thinks that there is a real law like the one he mentioned.


My six year old college drop out.

December 16, 2008

Tonight Jax and I were going to pick Max up at the vet, where he was getting the bailing wire taken out of his chin, and I asked him “Hey bud what do you want to study when you go to college?” and he says “I promise this.. Nothing! I don’t want to do work. Mrs Harrison (his substitute teacher) makes us work harder than Mrs Proctor. I couldn’t even finish¬† all of my work.” Well it looks like my plans for my son to support me in retirement are out the window.

Mean sisters

December 6, 2008

This morning Jentri was roughly (according to 6 year old standards)¬† playing with one of Jaxson’s toys. He was getting pretty distressed and there was some whining involved, but we would not let him get up and take care of the problem, because he was late from school. After I told him to sit down and eat he exclaimed ” She’s meaner than this sister” ( Juliet was sitting beside him eating). Poor Jax. I know how he feels. I have two mean sisters too.

I pity the pit bull

November 28, 2008

Since Max lost a chunk of his bottom jaw to the pit bulls across the street pit bulls have come up a lot in conversation. Here are a few snippets.

Jax: Dad, if those dogs kill Max I will kill the dogs and the owners! (Don’t worry everyone he doesn’t play Grand Theft Auto)

Jents: Dear Lord, I pray not for the pit bulls and for Jesus in our heart and for everyone else amen. (This is a serious issue for those dogs. Little four year old angel prayers get answered quick)

Coyotes and Wace Cars

November 22, 2008

I was asking Jentri if she wanted to stay at the house by herself and she said. “Daddy, If I stay here by myself might some coyotes will come.” 11-19-08

On our trip to VA Feb 2008: Jentri: I want to be at Granny Bonds. This car is not fast enough. I wish I had a wace car.

Jentri the prayer warrior

November 7, 2008

5/4/07 Jentri age two prayer

Dear Lord,

Help us have no tornados. Put angels around our house to fight bugs out. Amen.

(who needs raid when you can have angels)

Jaxson the Philosopher

November 7, 2008

Dad: Why aren’t your shoes on!? (He is swinging on the rope in his room)

Jax: Daaaad, I’m trying to get it in my head

Dad: Get what in your head?

Jax: That I’m a big boy.

Jaxson the 6 year old lawyer

October 31, 2008

I don’t want you to ever touch this again. Jackson.

Ever. Mom.

No, never. Don’t ever touch it again. Jaxson.

Well, I’ll get it in heaven.

Well fine, you can get in heaven all you want. But you’re not touching it while you’re here.

June 15, 2008